Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac day

In Australia, month of April has the most public holidays, I love it! And so is a lot of people here.

I get to sleep in a little bit, until my daughter came into our bedroom and jumped on the bed.

Our son is already 5 months now, just last night we were going through some pictures and videos taken from cameras or phones, how time flies, our daughter is so big now, yet she is only 3 years old.

Anzac day means a lot to Aussies as they take time to remember the sacrifices made by their heroes, they call them diggers - i still don't know why, need to google shortly.

As for me and family, we are spending time with our extended family this afternoon, it's a relaxing time. Right this moment I am in another room watching my little boy taking his nap, hence tgis post.

I hope you are having a good Anzac day too, God bless.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Travel to city

There are some rail tracks improvement works happening this week on my train lines. Consequently alternative arrangement is in place, bus replacements.

I thought the journey would be bad, but it's not too bad at all, I left home 15 minutes earlier, but managed to reach office the normal time. Maybe it's because now is school holidays, the journey on the bus was faster than I expected.

The bottom line is, yes public transport in Melbourne is far from perfect, and I complained on Twitter whenever there is disruptions, but I need to be more thankful instead, after all, I would still get home, even though it's later sometimes.

The Bible says to give thanks in all circumstances, at times, when bad things happen, it won't be easy to give thanks, but i'm trying.

So for now, i am thankful that I have extra time to write this blog :)
And thank you for reading too :)